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End of 2013

Well hello again! :] Its been a year since i updated this. I guess this is gonna be an annual thing huh. For future references yeah? In that case. Dear future me, i hope you’re doing better than i am now. Hows life? Any new regrets? Lol. Anyway, as usual, lets recap on 2013 shall we?

- 1A 3B for 2nd UPS in matrics

- Got closer to friends in matrics ( i miss most of them now :c )

- 1A 2A- 1B- for PSPM 2 (Biology paling spoil -_-)

- Did almost nothing succesfully for that 4-month-break

- Upgraded the pc. Can now support high end games. Lol is this even necessary?

- Started to miss everyone (family, highschool friends, matric friends) Hm

- Whole family went to Indonesia for our holiday. Jakarta and Bandung to be exact. it was a short 3-day-2-night stay. Went shopping and sight seeing and more shopping! The food was good but nothing can challenge good ol Malaysian food.

- UPU result was chemical engineering. Guess where? UITM SHAH ALAM. Oh my oh my. So close to home. Sweet comfy home. But then again, i cant see myself in the future anything but a doctor. I guess ive been brainwashed by my parents quite thoroughly
since i was a kid. Haha.

- And so i got in MD UKM in AUCMS. Allianze University College of Medical Sciences. Its based in Kepala Batas, but our MD UKM programme’s faculty is located at Kulim Hi Tech while we stay at Teachers Kuarters Lunas, Kedah.

- Its further to home than UiTM. But it is still quite close to hometown ( Tasek Gelugor ), so i got that going for me, which is nice.

- Made new friends, not complaining, but i guess i could bond with them better if i lower
my ego a bit. Which is easier said than done.

- Whats next eh? Oh yes, first week of AUCMS, we were forced to go to this PPD camp, torturing but fun at the same time, jungle trecking, waterfall repelling, paintball!
If given the chance to go again, would definitely say yes without a doubt.

- Studying medicine is hard. Very. But i must say, after awhile, it starts to grow on me. All you need are passion, determination and hard work, lots of it. But i guess any other courses would need the same thing right? Lulzz. 2 semesters a year, each sem 4 modules, each module a month only -__- Best part? Every end of month, A test! End Of Module test. Ugh. To top it off, after all the modules are finished, only given about a week to cover
every single module for the End Of Semester Final Exam. Damn ..

- Being a joker is a lot of fun, cause basically youre injecting fun into everyone else. With all these nerds stressing about their studies, cracking jokes gives them a good laugh, either with me or at me. I dont mind, as long as i can turn those frowns upside down!

- Went to Royal Belum Rainforest for Pembangunan Insaniah project “Sehari Bersama Orang Asli”. Took the bus, got on a boat, went to see the infamous Rafflesia, went to Orang Asli’s village in one of the islands there and had few activities with their children, after that we went to a waterfall for bbq and basically have more fun there!

- Oh and one more thing,
I became best man for
my mother’s cousin,
which was unexpected at all.
Me and my cousin Qutreen. Never been on the spotlight before, photographers taking pictures while we walk, eat and talk. Quite awkward at one point. But then again, might aswell enjoy it while it last. Heheh

So basically, thats my 2013. Hope to see you soon :] Goodbyee